Mission: Possible

After almost 20 years of working on this evolving world of design, one of the most challenging projects was to create a logo that can communicate the essence of this company. If you read our first blog, you had felt the passion of our founder about this island…that said…the “coquí taíno” was a must to have.


I was not confident of using the famous beautiful symbol because of the use and misused of that centennial drawing. We see it everywhere! I felt it was kind of dangerous. So, the process began with a series of studies, trials & errors, trying to convince Jeff on why this could be a yes or that a no and so on. We actually, used two of the logos in the past, but since were not “live” yet, I took the risk and started over.

As the company vision grew I was more convinced to address the logo design. We sat down, debriefed the chief and re-think the whole concept without losing the “coquí”. Then I understood that the inspiration of Jeff’s vision for CoquíLabs was based on his passion for technology, his passion on building things and of course the Island!

Based on that interview we came up with the concept of a wireframe. Everything is builded around a wireframe or idea. Our new icon is a wireframe of a coqui, that tiny frog but with a loud sound, like us. The selection of the font was really simple…although I’m super fan of Max Miedinger with Eduard Hoffmann: Helvetica Jedi Masters, we chose Raleway initially designed Matt McInerney, because it is a soft and organic serif.

At the end the result pleased everyone and I feel that we accomplished the goal.